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Sharon L. Eubank, 2014 Alumni Achievement Award winner, College of Hummanities

During her time at BYU Sharon Eubank (BA ’88) discovered, “There are no artificial barriers between kinds of knowledge in life; secular [and spiritual] knowledge can be blended because truth is one great whole.” Eubank’s knowledge has served her well through her successful and charitable career.

Thanks to Eubank several Honda executives and their families have improved English skills, after the BYU English graduate taught English in Japan for the International Language Education Institute.

When Eubank returned from Asia, she moved to Washington, D.C., and accepted a position as legislative aide in the U.S. Senate specializing in environmental issues and legislative policy.

The next stop for Eubank’s career was opening an educational retail store in Provo that catered to special needs and gifted children as well as teacher supplies. After seven years the business was sold and Eubank began work for LDS Charities as a humanitarian analyst. She later became manager of field operations where she helped establish 17 international employment offices including the Navajo Nation, Mozambique, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, and Moscow.

For five years Eubank was the manager of the wheelchair program expanding its scope to 50,000 individual donations each year and implementing World Health Organization training standards for recipient organizations.

In 2008 she became the regional director of LDS Charities for the Middle East North Africa and oversaw humanitarian work until she began her current position as director of Humanitarian Services and LDS Charities worldwide operations. Ultimately, Eubank hopes to help as many people within her reach. She says, “I really want to do something that will relieve suffering for large amounts of people in a real, lasting way. That’s my dream in life.”

Eubank is the recipient of the Utah Community Partners in Education Award from the Provo School District. Community, and church service includes vice president of the El Nino Foundation, United Way campaign co-chair, and Relief Society general board.

Full Name: Sharon Eubank
Grad Year: BA 1988
College: Humanities
Major: English
Post date: June 29, 2017