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Tips for Hosting a Speaker

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Invite a Speaker

  • You can invite a BYU Professor to speak at your event
  • Coordinate with the speaker on travel times/ airport pick up (the flight will be paid for by BYU Alumni) 
  • Coordinate housing (hotel/home) and meals for the speaker (paid by the chapter) 
Day of Event Assignments

  • Chair set up/takedown for overflow if anticipated 
  • Sound/AV equipment as needed. (Check with speaker) 
  • Lobby set up: BYU DVD playing, pamphlets, donation envelopes, signage, etc. 
  • Refreshment area: plan for paper goods, water/drinks, desserts, set up and clean up  
  • Translators: if you have a Spanish speaking population, plan for headphones and a translator and make sure the Spanish ward is aware it will be in Spanish too 
  • Get keys to the chapel and plan to be there 1 hour at least before start time 
  • Ushers - your board can be there to greet and seat 
  • Fliers - use the opportunity to pass out a printed program with a flyer/newsletter of any upcoming events and a volunteer sheet for contact info. Include chapter website/contact info, etc. 
Plan Program (Customize as appropriate for topic and setting):

  • Presiding and conducting –you may invite members of the Stake Presidency to preside while the chapter chair conducts. Allow a few minutes for brief announcements and thanking those who helped.  
  • Opening and closing prayers 
  • Opening and closing hymns/pianist/chorister 
  • Musical number –may need a separate pianist 
  • Bio for Speaker- have a short biography of the speaker to read 
  • Bring a small thank you gift and water bottle for the speaker. Thank you cards or small gift for those who helped with music is always nice.