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Caps and Gowns

Congratulations on Graduating

Online and phone sales have now closed. This is your last chance to purchase your graduation regalia! Caps and gowns will be for sale in person at the Hinckley Center. (We can not guarantee all sizes.)

Tuesday, April 25 – Wednesday, April 26

8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Hinckley Center

  • If you cannot pick up your cap and gown, you can send someone else to purchase it in your place.
  • You can also purchase just the accessories (tassel and stoles)
  • This is your last chance to swap tassel/hood colors or gown sizes
  • If you have any questions please visit our website or reach out to


Bachelor - Bundle with cap, gown, & tassel $60.00
Master - Bundle with cap, gown, hood, & tassel $75.00
Doctor - Bundle with cap, gown, hood, & tassel $100.00

*Shipping fees are additional if you order online

Grad Portraits

If you would like professional grad photos taken, simply come to Grad Fair. No appointment is necessary.

  • No Sitting Fee
  • Risk Free
  • View and Order Photos Online
  • Cap and gown provided

Question? Check out the FAQ below


  • The Grad Fair is a one-stop shop for graduation ceremony preparation at the Hinckley Center. It occurs about nine weeks before April graduation. Our cap and gown provider hosts the Grad Fair to assist students with ordering cap and gowns, rings, announcements, stoles, diploma frames, and other accessories.

  • Undergrad- You need a cap, gown, and tassel. Many students also have a stole, but that is not necessary to walk in graduation.

    Masters and PhD You need a cap, gown, tassel, and hood. Many students also have a stole, but that is not necessary to walk in graduation.

  • All caps are one-size-fits-all. Gowns are based on height and weight. If you purchase in person our vendor can help you pick the right size. If you purchase online it will direct you to fill in your height and weight before you purchase.

  • Tassel colors are dependent on what degree type you are getting. See the chart below for more details. See this document for details on which major graduates with which degree.

    Bachelor of Arts White Tassel
    Bachelor of General Studies White Tassel
    Bachelor of Science Gold Tassel
    Bachelor of Fine Arts Brown Tassel
    Bachelor of Music Pink Tassel
  • Yes, anyone can purchase your cap and gown for you. Make sure they have your height, weight, and degree type. They must be able to pay in person as advanced payment isn't available.

  • We are unable to take any phone orders. Please order in person at Grad Fair or online by the deadline.

  • Yes, you can purchase the items separately. For example, you can purchase just the cap or just the tassel.

  • To maintain the dignity of the graduation services, graduates are requested not to alter or embellish the cap (mortarboard) or gown. Stoles of Gratitude or honors regalia are appropriate accessories to the basic cap and gown.

  • A stole is an optional accessory worn by the graduate during the commencement ceremony. After commencement, the graduate presents the stole of gratitude to someone who provided them with help or support, such as parents, relatives, or mentors. The graduate removes the stole from his/her neck and places it around the neck of the recipient. More than one stole may be worn during commencement, symbolizing that the student was helped by multiple people.

  • Honors program graduates can pick up their v-stole and medallion from the Honors office 102 MSRB. Graduates must return the v-stole after graduation, but the medallion is yours to keep. If you are walking in the Honors Convocation program, then these are required to participate.

  • Reach out to enrollment services for assistance.

  • You can purchase thank you notes, rings, and diploma frames at Grad Fair or online.

  • If you are having trouble figuring out how to wear your regalia check out this video made by our gown distributor.

  • For information about Commencement please see the graduation website.

  • Grad Bash is a party with food, fireworks, a limited edition 2023 T-shirt, and more hosted by BYU Alumni and BYU Student Alumni. We want to welcome all graduating students to the BYU Alumni family! For more information and to register check out the website.

  • Parking is not available anywhere at the Hinkley Center. Students with a parking pass can park permitted lots. Non-students can park in visitors parking available by the MOA and the Wilkinson Student Center.

  • No Cash, Venmo, or Applypay accepted. Credit Card only.

  • Yes, our vendor will be on campus for Grad Fair and again the week of commencement.

  • If you want to avoid long lines at Grad Fair, come the first day or in the morning hours.

Faculty & Staff

  • Administration & Faculty regalia rental online has closed. The last opportunity for Faculty & Administration to rent regalia is at the Hinkley Center on April 25 and 26 from 8am to 5pm.

  • Please return the rentals to the Hinckley Center, preferably immediately after your college's convocation.

For further questions please email