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Family, Home, and Social Sciences
“I want other people to live like they, too, have five years to live.”
Leslie Edwards: A journalist in Saudi Arabia and an award-winning educator
Julie B. Beck, 2014 Alumni Achievement Award winner, College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences
Greatly impacted by her grandmother, this alumna uses music to carry Hawaiian culture and the message of aloha around the world
Recent anthropology grad Chloe D. Burkey has been hunting for fakes and she's found quite a few.
David and Chelom Leavitt, 2014 Alumni Achievement Award winners, J. Rueben Clark Law School
From BYU drop-out to a VP at Apple, Greg Porter's unconventional path eventually led him back to BYU
An alum spends a month mucking and chainsawing in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida
Over more than 40 years, Don and Jann Wendelboe Smith have provided a home to some 150 foster children in need of love and safety.
Kevin J. Worthen, 13th president of Brigham Young University
From struggling elementary school student to successful college graduate, Melissa McDonald discusses the challenges of navigating school with a learning disability.
“Rather than ask ‘why me?’ I asked ‘why not me?'" Ottley explains, "What made me so special that I should go through life free of these kinds of tribulations?”
“If you had told me in high school that I would grow up to be an addiction recovery therapist, I probably would have panicked and run away."
"I had a strong confirmation that I hadn’t learned what I needed to learn.”
2017 University Award Winner, Young Alumni Distinguished Award
2017 Alumni Achievement Award winner, David O. McKay School of Education
2017 University Award winner, Distinguished Service
2017 University Award winner, Emeriti Distinguished Service Award
2018 Alumni Achievement Award Winner, College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences
“If I set [a] goal, that goal is something that sticks with me until I accomplish it, and it sticks with me every single day at practice. Not just this week, or next month, every single day.”