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Fine Arts and Communications
A self-taught baker defied the odds--twice--to win Food Network's Cake Wars.
“It's just about the girls. . . I love watching them grow. . .They have my heart.”
A Chinese couple has exported “the BYU way” of music performance to their homeland.
Delivering “desserts with class” to as many people as they can
2014 Alumni Achievement Award winner, College of Fine Arts and Communications
United States National 10-Dance champions Casey and Kayci Treu have won hundreds of awards from all over the world—and it all started with the BYU ballroom dance team
“[MMA] is the purest sport that you can do... Nothing else matters when you're in the cage. The better mans."
“Kids spend more time with screens today than they do with any other activity, including sleeping."
Janie Thompson's lack of professional training didn't stop her from creating larger-than-life shows at BYU.
"Every person is going to have difficult circumstances happen in their lives, but it’s your choice how you’re going to react and how you’re going to move on."
From Homeland security to emergency management, see how Vance Taylor has advocated for better ways to help those with disabilities.
Whether it's catching an eighty-pound king salmon, or breaking the Christian music charts, singer-songwriter and BYU alumna Hilary Weeks can't be stopped.
2017 University Award winners, Emeriti Distinguished Service Award
2018 Alumni Achievement Award Winner, College of Fine Arts and Communications
Recipient of a BYU Honored Alumni Award, a former athlete and communications star has been chasing dreams her whole life