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A. Kim Smith, 2014 Alumni Achievement Award winner, Marriott School of Management
2014 Alumni Achievement Award winner, College of Nursing
2014 Alumni Achievement Award winner, College of Fine Arts and Communications
"Opportunity after opportunity came through the experiences and the connections that I had at BYU.”
A visit to India following a tsunami changed her life and the lives of those she served
See how this alum from the first year of the computer science major uses her degree
“I was alive... I was mentally aware, but trapped in my body.”
Craig Meyers, 2013 Alumni Achievement Award winner, College of Life Scienecs
Growing up in communist Bulgaria, Julia Kiriakov Caswell didn't know what it was like to be free. She recounts some of her experiences behind the Iron Curtain and her family's escape.
Associate Professor completes well-known LoToJa bike race from Logan to Jackson
Bonnie L. Oscarson gave the 2021 Honored Alumni Lecture for the BYU College of Humanities.
Marc-Aurel Martial gives back to his native home through crucial anemia research
People—both the children he serves and his fellow educators—make the difference
Education from American Samoa to Hawaii and across the South Pacific
This BYU alumna helped create a diverse representation of US History with the descendants of the signers of the Declaration of Independence
Instinctively, Paige Goepfert is definitely organized—but she’s so much more.
Amy Sawaya Hunter, Director of Customer Strategy for the Utah Jazz, focuses on developing real relationships in her career.
Jeff Brownlow was recruiting at BYU when BYU recruited him.
Dr. McNaughton serves individuals both in and out of the hospital
United States National 10-Dance champions Casey and Kayci Treu have won hundreds of awards from all over the world—and it all started with the BYU ballroom dance team