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What is the Day of Service?
Where do I Start?
How do I Share?
Track and Report

What is the Day of Service?

Welcome to our first BYU Alumni Annual Day of Service. We chose this date, October 16th, to honor the founding of BYU. We hope that this date will become an annual tradition as we exemplify the motto, “Go Forth to Serve”!

Where to Start

  1. Do you already have a project planned for the Day of Service? Register your event so that others in your area can participate
  2. Choose to partner with local non-profits, and turn to neighborhood businesses to supply donations
  3. Promote your project using social media

How to Share

  1. Connect with volunteers and get the word out via social media channels
  2. Utilize BYU alumni reporting tools to send emails to your chapter
  3. Tag @byualumni or use #byualumnidayofservice to spread awareness of your day of service event

Track and Report

How to register a new event:

  1. Go to the Day of Service registration site
  2. Complete project registration form
  3. Upload event in chapter reporting system

Reporting after the event

  1. Follow this link to take a survey on your event


  1. Verify plans with local partner organizations
  2. Confirm location of your event
  3. Promote your project: create a Facebook/Instagram page, hang posters around community
  4. Update volunteers: share event details, start and end time, what to expect
  5. Organize logistics and materials: tables, chairs, storage area, and sign in forms
  6. Prepare event swag: 
  7. Dress your volunteers: Distribute day of service t-shirts. Make sure you have a sign in sheet to track participation
  8. Upload photos from your Day of Service events!
  9. Fill out the post-event survey