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Community Projects

  1. Volunteer at a local food bank--Hold a food drive in your community! You can also volunteer serving meals or organizing supplies at the food bank.
  2. Cleaning community centers--Many times community centers have maintenance issues and can be dirty. Help out by cleaning rooms, reorganizing equipment, and more.
  3. Partner with a local animal shelter and hold an adoption fair
  4. Volunteer in nursing homes--Perform musical numbers or just chat with the residents
  5. Host a local blood drive
  6. Volunteer at a local prison-- Contact your local prison and see what activities you can hold with incarcerated people
  7. Host a recycling fair--Promote recycling by spreading bins around your community. Hang posters supporting the cause and teach DIY ideas to repurpose waste
  8. Become a mentor for at risk youth
  9. Visit patients at the hospital
  10. Help carry groceries at a supermarket
  11. Create a community library-- Ask neighbors to donate books that can be borrowed from a public space
  12. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  13. Tutor youth with learning disabilities
  14. Hold a Fostering empathy activity--Learn what it is like to live with disabilities through a variety of activities. Partner with a local organization involved with accessibility to get ideas.
  15. Organize a flash mob to brighten peoples day
  16. Beautify playgrounds
  17. Host a building renovation project--This doesn't have to be just for professionals! Anyone can give a new coat of paint to an old building and spruce up a neighborhood.

Environmental Service Projects

  1. Clean up a park or river near you. Not only will you be helping the environment but you will also make the outdoor space enjoyable for other visitors
  2. Food Picking/distributing--Many farms have excess fruits and vegetables that can be donated to food banks. Locate a farm near you that is 
  3. Yard work for neighbors
  4. Create a school garden
  5. Build an urban garden to add color to you neighborhood and have vegetables to share. Make sure someone can care for it after you plant.
  6. Plant trees
  7. Beach Cleanup

Creative Projects

  1. Send Packages to Soldiers--Send a piece of home to soldiers who are away. These packages can include a handwritten letter, treats, and more.
  2. Get well cards-- write letters to long-time patients and children at the hospital
  3. Days for Girls Project-- Sew menstrual hygiene kits for girls worldwide
  4. Contact your local hospital about other sewing projects that could be used to help patients (breast cancer pillows for cars)
  5. Book/toy/clothing drives for the less fortunate
  6. Hold a yard sale and donate the money to a local charitable organization
  7. Create care kits that can be donated at local shelters. These can include toothbrushes, soap, clean socks, etc.
  8. Hold a bake sale and donate proceeds to a local organization
  9. Write a memoir with an elderly person and learn from their life story