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Replenishment Grants

What are Replenishment Grants?

"We all drink from wells we have not dug and are all warmed by fires we have not kindled."
- Robert L. Simpson, quoting from a KSL editorial.
Generations of students have been blessed by the opportunity to attend BYU where one can study, research, and work in an atmosphere that simultaneously promotes knowledge and spiritual growth. BYU Alumni recognizes that access to these blessings may be financially difficult for some students who are otherwise qualified for a BYU education; this is why replenishment grants have been established.

The Perpetual Emigration Fund inspired the grants. Many European converts needed assistance in the 1850's to obey the commandment to gather with the Saints. Funds were collected, travel was completed, and monies repaid, and then those funds were sent to the next people needing assistance. The cycle continued as long as necessary.

How They Work

1) BYU Alumni directs Replenishment Grants to needful students, with preference to juniors and seniors, whose total costs of education may not be met through other financial aid programs.

2) To be considered, candidates must meet the following qualifications:

  • Earn a minimum 3.0 GPA from all institutions attended by the end of Winter Semester
  • Demonstrate financial need

3) Grants will be awarded annually and vary in amounts up to full tuition. Grant recipients are encouraged to replenish the grant once they are financially able.

4) Once selected, recipients will be asked to write a thank-you letter to the sponsor of the grant and attend alumni activities when possible.

5) Recipients will be eligible to apply each year for another grant under the same criteria.

For Students Interested in Applying

**Deadlines to apply for grants: December 15th for new and transfer students, February 1st for continuing students.

For online application:

  1. Click here or login to myBYU. Under "School" click on "Scholarship Application"
  2. Select the semesters you will be attending next year.
  3. Complete the Personal Information, Essays and the Financial Need sections.
  4. Indicate that you want to be considered for an Alumni Replenishment Grant, choose the chapter you belong to, complete the alumni essays, and submit the application.

Replenishment grants for the entire year are awarded during the Spring for the upcoming school year. If you don't see the option to select an Alumni Replenishment Grant, it's probably because the deadline has passed. Please try again at the beginning of next year for the next Fall Semester!

How To Replenish

If you have benefitted from an alumni grant, please replenish the grant when you are financially able.

  • When you click the link below, search for the chapter that gave you the grant or the chapter where you currently reside.
  • For those who want to make a donation to the Alumni General Grant, select "Grant Replenishment Past Recipient Gifts"
BYU Alumni Replenishment Grants: Chris' Story